What is Open Coffee High School Edition?

Our mission is to create a community of students so we can learn and inspire from one another.

Networking is the skill that we are focusing on because we believe that it is a tremendously powerful tool that needs to be taught as early as possible and high school is the perfect time for that. We want to spread the idea of networking meetings for students of high school age and assist local leaders in organizing hubs in their neighborhoods.


Currently, with  25+  people on the team, we are realizing our goal for 2021 which is to start hubs on all 7 continents. For now, we are officially operating and establishing hubs in 10+ cities in Poland,  in Lincoln, NE in the USA,  Noida, India, and Maharashtra state in India. 

What's worth highlighting is that Open Coffee High School Edition welcomes all students, from various backgrounds. Each participant gets a minute or two to answer four questions:

1) Who are you?
2) What are you doing?
3) How can we help you?
4) How can you help us?


After the individual presentations, people can network with each other one on one or in smaller groups. 

Please feel welcome to join our networking meetings to help us grow and connect with more and more people.


We are open to partnerships and collaborations.  We are giving workshops and introductory sessions of networking to different communities. If you feel it might be something interesting for you, your school or organisation - don't hesitate to contact us.